Syrian Kurds struggle to unify ranks amidst challenges


Kurdish Demarcation, UK. File photo

ARA News

Qamishli – The Kurdish National Council (KNC) and the rival Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), two major Syrian Kurdish political umbrellas, continue to call for unifying the Kurdish ranks in northern Syria. However, the calls haven’t resulted in any actual agreements between them.

Although TEV-DEM, which includes the Democratic Union Party (PYD), says it’s willing to work together with the KNC, the movement stresses that there must be no pre-conditions by the latter.

Both political factions continue to blame each other for the division despite the serious challenges surrounding the Syrian Kurdish region, including the fight against ISIS and the Turkish threat.

Mahmoud Malla, Deputy Chief of the Kurdish National Council (KNC), told ARA News: “If TEV-DEM is really serious about working together with the KNC, we are ready to put the previous agreements of Duhok and Hewler into action.”

“However, TEV-DEM should first release all KNC’s political prisoners it’s been holding for months,” Malla stressed.

On the other hand, Ebdulkerim Sako, a leading member of TEV-DEM movement, told ARA News that the preconditions the KNC tries to impose make it impossible for such a unity to see light

“We in the Democratic Society Movement have been supporting Kurdish unity since the very beginning of this crisis, but without preconditions from the other side (KNC).” Sako said.

“Imposing preconditions means closing the door before a possible Kurdish unity,” he added.

Kurdish citizens and activists believe that unity among the different parties is a main condition to overcome the current challenges.

Kurdish activist Samer Ahmed told ARA News: “Each party has its own interests, but the interests of the Kurdish people should come first. Otherwise, unifying the Kurdish ranks in Syria would become impossible.”

Reporting by: Ahmed Shiwesh | Source: ARA News 

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