Suspected ISIS attack kills Kurdish police officer in Qamishli


Security patrol of Syrian Kurdish Asayish forces. File photo

ARA News

Spokesman of the Kurdish Asayish forces in Syria’s Qamishli, Ali Hassan, confirmed on Sunday that an IED killed an Asayish officer and injured two others.

An explosion in the Iskenderuna Square in al-Khalij neighborhood in Syria’s northeastern Qamishli city (Qamişlo) hit a Kurdish Asayish patrol at 8:35, and resulted in the death of one Asayish officer and the injury of two others.

Local sources accused the Islamic State (ISIS) of being behind the attack. However, the group has not yet claimed the attack.

This is not the first attack that claimed the lives of Asayish members. On 9 January, Asayish officer Qehraman Omari was killed in a similar IED attack in Qamishli city.

Moreover, in an ISIS attack in July 2016 at least 50 people were killed in two separate bombings.

In December 2015, an ISIS bombing claimed the lives of at least 16 civilians in a Christian district of Qamishli.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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