Syrian women speak of ISIS atrocities in Manbij


Veiled women walk past a billboard that carries a verse from Koran urging women to wear a hijab in the ISIS-held Raqqa province. File photo

ARA News

Manbij – The Islamic State (ISIS) radical group has treated women in Syria’s Manbij city in a degrading and suppressive manner. ISIS used to implement its brutal version of Sharia in Manbij, committing atrocities against civilians, raping women and stoning them on charges of ‘committing adultery’, according to eyewitnesses.

Manbijian women expressed their suffering under ISIS before the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) expelled the radical group form the city on 15 August 2016. The liberation of Manbij city came after two months of deadly fighting.

“Under ISIS, women were forced to wear veil, cover themselves in black. The women were not even allowed to show their eyes in public. Despite the commitment to their radical laws, women were exposed to brutal punishments for no reason,” Fatma And, a woman from Manbij, told ARA News. “That was very stressful… a nightmare.”

After expelling ISIS from the city, the Syrian Democratic Forces discovered a secret prison for women. “The walls of this prison have witnessed unimaginable atrocities by ISIS militants against innocent women,” Fatma said.

Budder Ayman, another Syrian citizen from Manbij, told ARA News that ISIS was calling on women “to leave their husbands and marry jihadists from the group.”

“I remember once I entered a shop without covering my eyes, ISIS militants arrested me and said that my husband was an apostate for allowing me to appear in public like that,” she said.

“They asked me to leave my husband and marry one of the jihadists,” the 34-year-old Budur said. “They kept me in a detention centre for a day before letting me go. My husband was very worried. I have six children and these bastards wanted to destroy my family. May God destroy them.”

“I hope I’ll never see any of those ISIS extremists again,” she added.

Reporting by: Enwer Omar | Source: ARA News 

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