Islamic State attacks Syrian rebels in Daraa


Militant fighters of the Islamic State are seen during clashes with rebel fighters in western Qalamoun, south of Syria. File ohoto: Amaq

ARA News

Daraa – Militant fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) launched on Tuesday an offensive on a town held by the Syrian armed opposition forces in the southern Daraa Governorate.

ISIS shelled the Ain Dakar town in Daraa countryside with several mortar shells.

“The bombardment hit a Free Syrian Army (FSA) checkpoint and two residential buildings in the town,” local media activist Muhammed Ubeido told ARA News.

At least ten people were reportedly killed in the ISIS-led offensive, including seven civilians and three FSA rebels.

Clashes erupted in the vicinity of Ain Dakar town after the attack, amid attempts by the rebel fighters to push ISIS out of the area.

“Our forces were able to repel the offensive subsequent to fierce clashes, during which eight ISIS militants were killed,” Khaled Jarrah, an FSA fighter, told ARA News over the phone.

According to Jarrah, the Islamic State’s militants were trying to infiltrate into Ain Dakar after hitting the rebel positions with mortar fire.

“However, they were eventually forced to withdraw from the area after facing a heavy resistance by our forces,” he said.

Reporting by: Jamil Akram | Source: ARA News

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