Peshmerga forces repel ISIS attack northern Iraq


A Peshmerga soldier standing guard at a security checkpoint in the district of Shingal/Sinjar in northern Iraq, recently regained by the Kurdish forces from ISIS. Smiling while looking at the camera, the Peshmerga soldier tells ARA News that he is not afraid of death for the protection of his people from ISIS. Photo: Pierre-yves Baillet/ARA News

ARA News

DUHOK – Kurdish forces of the Peshmerga on Wednesday repelled an offensive by militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) near the Wane district in the northern countryside of Mosul, military sources reported.

“Two suicide bombers from ISIS have tried to infiltrate into a security zone for the Peshmerga in the Kafraj village of Wane district north of Mosul. The suicide bombers were trying to detonate their explosive belts among the Peshmergas, but our fighters at the Kafraj security checkpoint shot them dead before they reach their target,” Peshmerga officer Izzadin Wanki told ARA News.

The official said that another group of ISIS fighters were heading to the Wane area coming from Mosul city, in a bid to storm Peshmerga headquarters there. 

“The terror group had planned the suicide bombings to open the road for its jihadi fighters to storm the Peshmerga positions. However, fierce clashes took place and continued until Wednesday midnight. The group was eventually forced to withdraw after losing over ten fighters,” Wanki told ARA News.

Two Peshmerga fighters were reported dead and five others injured in Wednesday’s clashes. 

More than 250 families still live in the Kafraj village north of Mosul, which has been recently regained by the Kurdish Peshmerga from ISIS. 

Speaking to ARA News, head of Nineveh media centre Raafat al-Zarari said that civilians in Kafraj and other villages of Mosul countryside are stranded within increasingly dangerous zones amid continues clashes between ISIS on the one hand and the Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi government forces on the other hand.

“Many civilians who had escaped Mosul city are now stranded in those villages, unable to move due to the mounting violence in the area,” Zarari said.  

Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef

Source: ARA News

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