Dozens killed in fresh Syrian airstrikes in Aleppo


A civil defence member carries a child who survived airstrikes in Old Aleppo. (Reuters: Abdalrhman Ismail)

ARA News

ALEPPO – Dozens of civilian casualties were reported on Sunday after the Syrian regime’s warplanes launched several airstrikes on the Tall al-Daman town south of Aleppo, activists reported. 

The Syrian air force hit a popular marketplace and residential buildings in Tall al-Daman with at least six airstrikes on Sunday evening. 

“More than twenty people were killed and dozens more wounded in the airstrikes,” rights activist Ali Rihawi told ARA News in the targeted Tall al-Daman town. 

“Volunteers of the civil defence are still searching for victims under the rubble,” the source said. 

Tall al-Daman and its suburbs are held by the Syrian opposition forces.

“This town has hosted hundreds of displaced people from the war-torn villages of Khan Touman, al-Iss and al-Hadir. Yet the killing machine of the Assad regime has followed them to Tall al-Daman,” opposition spokesman Mustafa Suleiman told ARA News in Aleppo. 

“Today the town [Tall al-Daman] has witnessed another massacre by pro-Assad warplanes. We promise to continue our operations against pro-Assad forces to prevent further bloodshed among innocent civilians,” Suleiman said. 

Reporting by: Taim Khalil 

Source: ARA News

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