Syrian air force intensifies airstrikes in Hama, civilian casualties reported


A medic and civilians carry a casualty after what activists said were airstrikes followed by shelling by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in the Douma neighborhood of Damascus. File photo: Reuters

ARA News

HOMS ــ Pro-regime warplanes conducted several airstrikes in Syria’s Hama province, causing casualties among civilians and destruction in residential buildings, local sources reported on Wednesday.

Speaking to ARA News in Hama, rights activist Atif Ismail said the Syrian warplanes launched several airstrikes on the town of Kafrenbuda and its environs, killing and wounding over twenty civilians.

The attack resulted in a massive destruction in Kafrenbuda, amidst continued battles between rebels and pro-regime forces west of the town in an attempt by the latter to advance in the area.

“A soldier from the Syrian army forces was shot dead by rebel snipers in Hama suburbs,” Ismail added.

Local sources reported that the pro-regime warplanes also targeted the towns of Sarhan, Atshan and Shuyoukh in Hama province with a number of airstrikes. At least three civilians were killed and ten more wounded in the strikes, including rebel fighters. 

“Syrian regime helicopters dropped several barrel bombs on southern Hama, targeting the towns of al-Nazaza, al-Damina, and al-Qarbata, causing the injury of dozens of civilians and the destruction of surrounding residential buildings,” an eyewitness told ARA News.

“The Syrian regime has repeatedly violated the truce in Hama,” he said. 

Reporting by: Haitham Mustafa

Source: ARA News

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