Pro-Assad forces attack opposition-held areas near Damascus, 15 civilians reported dead


ARA News

Damascus, Syria – On Friday, 15 civilians were reported dead and dozens others injured as the Syrian regime air force striked rebel-held city near Damascus.

Speaking to ARA News in Damascus, the civil rights activist Nadim Hassan said that the pro-Assad warplanes launched raids on the city of Douma on Friday, killing at least 15 civilians, “including four children”.

“Dozens of others were injured and transferred to the medical center in the city,” Hassan reported.

According to local sources, the pro-Assad army forces regained control of the towns of Adra and Meliha in the countryside of Damascus, amid withdrawal of the opposition fighters of the Free Syria Army (FSA).

“The regime security forces launched a campaign of arrests in both towns against civil activists accused of ties to the opposition,” said Zeidum Diwani, a media activists based in Damascus.  


Reporting by: Khaled Shammas

Source: ARA News

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