U.S. hits ISIL in Syria to protect Iraq: official


ARA News

Al-Hasakah, Syria – On Friday, the German government announced its support of air strikes led by the United States against the Islamic State (IS/ISIS), an al-Qaeda offshoot, in Syria.

Steffen Seibert, the spokesman of the German Chancellor, said in a press conference that Damascus did not protest the raids, adding that it is unlikely that Germany will join attacks by the United States and Arab countries, against the militant fighters of the Islamic State in northern and eastern Syria.

Seibert said that Germany delivered weapons and military trainers for the Kurdish forces who are fighting the Islamic State in Iraq.

The spokesman of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, pointed out that the U.S.- led attacks of the international coalition in northern Syria is mainly aimed at protecting Iraq through weakening IS group in Syria.

“The Syrian government has been notified in advance of the attacks, and didn’t show any protest,” Seibert said.

The U.S.-led air strikes hit strongholds of the Islamic State in several areas of Syria over the last four days, including Deir e-Zor and Raqqa.


Reporting by: Jiwan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

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