Syria’s ISIS under fire


From anti-IS operations in Syria, Sept.23,2014

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – The U.S. Defence Ministry, the Pentagon, stated on Monday that the U.S., in collaboration with state members of the anti-terrorism International Coalition, carried out its first operations in Syria.

Air strikes targeted the strongholds of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) -al Qaeda offshoot- as well as Jabhat al-Nusra -al Qaeda affiliate- inside Syria.

Pentagon spokesperson Admiral John Kirby stated: “I confirm that the American Army and state partners’ forces are carrying out a military operation against IS terrorists in Syria.”

“We used missiles, rocket launchers and smart Tomahawk missiles. I cannot give more details now as it is an ongoing operation,” Kirby continued.

Several Arab countries joined the U.S. led coalition and participated in targeting IS and Nusra headquarters in Syria during Monday’s early hours, among them Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Jordan.

It was also reported based on information from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that “Seven members of al-Nusra as well as eight civilians were killed during the Coalition strikes against al-Nusra strongholds, near the borders between Aleppo and Idlib provinces”.

Local activists from Deir ez-Zor province, northeastern Syria, told ARA News “American forces targeted IS strongholds in al-Bukamal and its vicinity killing at least 200 IS members and causing massive destruction”.

IS militant fighter withdrew from al-Bukamal on Monday afternoon after losing hundreds of members under the U.S.-led air strikes.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State evacuated its strongholds in the cities of Manbij and al-Bab in the countryside of Aleppo in northern Syria. The militants imposed a curfew and moved heavy weapons to residential areas.


Reporting by: Joan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

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