Syria’s Hasakah hosts hundreds of displaced Iraqi Yezidis


Yezidi families arriving in Newroz Camp in northeastern Syria after fleeing ISIS attacks in Shingal area in northern Iraq, summer 2014. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Gike Lege, Qamishli, Syria – The governor of the Syrian northeastern province of al-Hasakah, Arif Toume, appointed two members of the Executive Office of the Province as supervisors of Newroz refugee camp, south of Derik (Malikiya) in the Hasakah countryside.

Newroz Camp was first established by the Auto-Administration of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) nearly three months ago. The camp hosts dozens of displaced Iraqi Yezidi families and hundreds of Syrians who escaped their war-torn areas.

Toume appointed last week both Mohammed al-Shammam and Adil Bajo as supervisors of the camp, who will be responsible for observing the living conditions in the camp and conveying their demands to the authorities.

Kinda Shammat, former Syrian Minister of Social Affairs, issued a statement saying that at least 1000 Iraqi Yezidis are based in Newroz Camp in Bane Qasre village near Derik city in Hasakah province.

Noteworthy, thousands of Yezidis escaped Shingal area in northern Iraq following the control of the Islammic State’s (IS/ISIL) militant fighters last July, and crossed into Syria looking for shelter.


Reporting by: Mir Yaqub

Source: ARA News

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