Syrian opposition blamed for death of 15 children


Two victims of the recently given vaccination in Syria's Idlib. Activists

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria More than 6000 internally displaced Syrians (IDPs) left their towns in Hamah province fleeing the regime’s intensive shelling in the past few days.

Based on local activists, IDPs have no shelters to resort to. In the meanwhile, officials in the opposition-linked Syrian Interim Government mentioned their coordination with different relief organizations to provide help.

Reda Siris from the Local Administration, Relief and Refugees Ministry, said in an official statement that the number of displaced families from Hamah is up to 860.

Adham Mohammad, communication director of the Syrian National Coalition’s (SNC) General Administration for Refugees, mentioned their attempt to provide those people with tents, saying many of them are currently living under trees in the forest near Idlib, in northern Syria.

“We are coordinating with the Assistance-Coordination Unit, the Saudi Campaign, IHH and Hand in Hand for Syria organization to fulfill the needs of the internally displaced Syrians,” Mohammad said.

The refugees’ administration mentioned that IDPs from Hamah villages of Muhradah, Halfaya, Tayyibat al Imam, Khattab, Kafr Zita and al-Lataminah resorted to Idlib environs’ camps on the borders with Turkey.

In other developments, Health Minister of the Syrian Interim Government, Adnan Hazzori,  expressed his intention to resign in case investigations proved the ministry’s involvement in the death of fifteen children in Idlib environs due to the recently given measles vaccination.

“The Ministry of Justice in the Syrian Interim Government authorized the Independent Judicial Council to start investigations to hold the involved responsible,” Hazzori said in a press conference in the Turkish city of Gaziantep.

Hazzori pointed out that the second round of measles vaccination was stopped.

Activists in Idlib province reported earlier this week the death of at least 15 children who received vaccinations from the SNC-linked government’s Ministry of Health.


Reporting by: Rodi Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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