How a Syrian communist family lives under IS Caliphate


Militants fighters of the Islamic State (IS). File photo

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Beirut, Lebanon – “There is no real solution looming in the immediate future for us. The ongoing war in Syria and hostilities will most likely lead to the total destruction of the country,” said Ghusoon Azem, 23.

Ghusoon is from the Syrian Coast, a daughter of a well-known communist family. She does not believe in Islam; however, she follows some Islamic traditions respecting the society she lives in.

Hard living conditions obliged her to move with her family to Raqqa province in northeastern Syria years ago. However, living in Raqqa became a nightmare under the control of the Islamic State’s militant fighters, who are currently dominating all means of life in the province by imposing their own stringent regulations on the residents.

Ghusoons’s husband smokes and sometimes drinks alcohol. He also plays guitar during nights and listens to jazz music; habits that have nothing to do with religions.

“This is me and my husband. We know the human language which we deem as a religion in itself,” Ghusoon said.

The control of the Islamic State’s (IS) militants of Raqqa made the city gloomy, according to Ghusoon.

“Many strange practices were linked to Islam by religious legislators, giving you the feeling that the medieval era returned to Raqqa,” she told ARA News.

Along with her family’s female members, Ghusoon was obliged to wear mantle and muffler for the first time in her life. This time not out of respect for Islamic tradition, but rather for fear of Sharia imposed by IS (ISIS).

She said that her husband was also obliged to give up smoking, alcohol and music. Instead, he started attending prayers in Raqqa’s mosques without any objection.

“Under IS grip, a whole family is obliged to live in an unfamiliar way. All our movements and daily activities are determined by some masked extremists (militants of IS),” the husband told ARA News.

Ghusoon mentioned her first time going to work in a veil: “That was the weird feeling I’ve ever had in my life.”

“One day, I forgot to be cautious, while going out with my 8-year-old daughter who was not wearing gloves (imposed by IS Sharia for all females),” she said.

Ghusoon was then scolded by the IS-linked Islamic Committee that roams the streets of Raqqa city to catch people who do not adhere to IS rules, saying: “The daughter’s clothes are sexually provocative.”

According to Ghusoon, life in Raqqa has become unbearable under the rule of the Caliphate. “We’re just looking for an opportunity to leave not only Raqqa, but the country.”

Many who experience this situation have one of two choices; either displacement and humiliation, or complete obedience to IS Caliph and his rules.


Reporting by: Hussam al-Zeer

Source: ARA News

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