Syrian children challenge hardships


Syrian children performing wrestling competition in a shollyard of Ad-Darbasiyah, northeast of Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Ad-Darbasiyah, Syria – With no official sponsor, coach or media coverage, children of Ad-Darbasiyah in Syria’s Hasakah province organized a freestyle wrestling competition in a schoolyard.

They distributed the roles among themselves; a referee, a journalist, audience and contestants.

While Ad-Darbasiyah young men, as well as those of other Syrian cities, flee the war-torn country looking for a better living conditions, children apparently try to adapt to the hard life under the current crisis, lacking basic elements of a civilized life, such as the absence of playgrounds.

Kurdish activist Haitham Qasim, a father for four children, was obliged to leave for Turkey waiting for a chance to migrate to Europe following his dismissal by the Syrian security system from his work as a teacher.

Qasim pointed out to ARA News the reason to leave his children in Syria for a while, saying: “I want to arrive in a safe country then bring them there. There is no future for my children in Syria.”

However, Midas Azizi, a Syrian Kurdish politician, believes that future is not that promising in Europe, “especially for Syrian refugees”.

Azizi fled to Germany illegally through Turkey. “The only privilege in Europe for children is education.”

“There are many negative impacts of migration on our children such as cultural and traditional difference as well as language,” Azizi said.

Based on UNICEF’s “Education Disruption” report, issued in December 2013, approximately 3 million Syrian children were obliged to leave education since 2011, due to the war that destroyed their schools, traumatized them, and pushed their families to flee abroad looking for safe havens.

Many parents in Ad-Darbasiyah talked about the endurance their children have under such hardships.

Still nobody could disrupt the children’s activities of wrestling competition in a yard of one of the closed schools in Ad-Darbasiyah.


Reporting by: Mohammed Mahmoud Bashar

Source: ARA News

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