Germany arrests PKK official


Fighters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). File photo

ARA News 

Frankfort, Germany – A 45-year-old Turkish man was arrested in Germany on charges of membership in the banned organization of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Mehmet D., a regional leader of the PKK, was arrested on Aug. 29, according to the Federal Prosecutors’ Office. 

The PKK, which was engaged in an armed conflict against the Turkish authorities for nearly three decades, is listed as a terrorist organization.

The jailed leader of the PKK, Abdullah Öcalan, started peace talks  last year with Turkish officials to end the fight and reach a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue in Turkey. Since then, the military operations were suspended by both sides. However, PKK’ official members abroad are still being pursued and arrested on charges of “membership in a foreign terrorist organization”.

According to German prosecutors who talked to AP, Mehmet D. (under the pseudonym Kahraman) is accused of “leading the PKK’s operations in central Germany since January 2013, and its northern German operations since later that year”.


Reporting by: Fuad Jamil

Source: ARA News, Agencies 

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