Europe urges action against Islamic State militants


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Qamishli, Syria European leaders held several meetings in Brussels earlier this week to deliberate the current security situation in Iraq and the war against al-Qaeda splinter group, the Islamic State (IS).

The European Union condemned the violence in Iraq and Syria that may spread out of the region.

EU leaders expressed their interest in providing military support to Iraq in order to face IS.

The European Summit decided to confront the rigorous ideology in EU countries, where it recommended a number of measures such as “establishing data base for European passengers to stop militants traveling from Europe to Syria and Iraq”.

The European Summit called for an immediate political solution for the Syrian crisis, highlighting “the unstable situation and brutal war in Syria which helped the growth of IS power”.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch (HRW) confirmed IS militant’s use of cluster munitions in “at least one region in Syria” as well as the regime’s broad use of banned weapons.

HRW mentioned the photo evidences provided by Syrian Kurdish politicians that showed IS members use of cluster bombs on July 12 and Aug 14, 2014.

“This is the first time IS militants used such weapons, though the munitions source is unknown,” HRW reported on Monday.

In the same context, German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her decision to arm Iraqi Kurdish forces of the Peshmerga who fight against the Islamic State militants, saying: “IS represents a security threat against Germany and Europe.”

In her speech before the German Parliament, Merkel said: “IS extremists will have a long term impact outside the Middle east.”

“Having such a large region as a base for terrorist operations will create a big danger to EU and affect our security interests,” Merkel said.


Reporting by: Rodi Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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