Amid U.S.-led air strikes against ISIS, Kurdish forces report gains in Syria


Kurdish fighters of the YPG during a military parade in northern Syria. File photo

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – Following the control of the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) over a number of villages in the eastern part of Suluk (in Tell Abiad, northeast of Syria) on Sunday, civilians started to flee to Tell Abiad city, local sources reported.

Intensive clashes took place on Monday between members of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS), an al-Qaeda offshoot, and YPGfighters in the eastern countryside of Suluk, where the latter attempted to reduce pressure on Kobane city, which was exposed to attacks by IS militants over the last few days causing the displacement of more than 100 thousand Kurdish civilians.

Local sources told ARA News that members of al-Mashour Arab clan in Tell Abiad announced allegiance to IS (which controls the city of Tell Abiad, demanding other clans to take up arms and fight the Kurdish forces of the YPG.

On Monday afternoon, the YPG forces held seized control of al-Mabroka town (on the administrative borders of Raqqa province) and besieged IS in al-Rawiyah village amid intensive clashes between the two parties.

The YPG has reportedly received reinforcements from some rebel groups during the clashes against IS near Tell Abiad.

Speaking to ARA News, the spokesperson of al-Akrad Front brigade (a Kurdish faction of the Syrian armed opposition), Ahmad Hisso, said: “Our collaboration with YPG forces as well as the Freedom Dawn brigade changed the power balance in the region in the last two days.”

“We launched a defence strategy in Kobane to stop the advance of IS criminals, but now we started our attacks,” Hisso said.

Hisso pointed out that their forces killed 80 IS members in the southern and eastern countrysides of Kobane, destroying 4 tanks, burnt 4 military vehicles in Qara Mog town -east of Kobane-, and destroyed 5 Doshka trucks in Tel Bat front, “which pushed IS members to withdraw”.

“More than 80 IS militants were killed in Kobane’s southern front,” Hisso told ARA News, asserting the Kurdish forces’ advance towards the town of Sarrin in Raqqa province.

The spokesman of the al-Akrad Front also confirmed the death of Abu Abdullah al-Anbari, one of IS princes, during clashes near Kobane on Sunday.

Al-Anbari used to lead IS military operations in Kobane’s western countryside, based on Hisso, who also confirmed the bombardment of two tanks and a Doshka vehicle as well as the death of some IS members in Silem village -west of Kobane- on Monday.

In an official statement, YPG Media Center detailed on Monday the losses of IS last week, confirming the death of 232 IS militant fighters.


Reporting by: Redwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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