Thousands starving in besieged Syrian town


Syrian youths line up for food distribution in the Maiber al-Salam refugee camp in northern Syria. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – More than 50 thousand civilians are suffering sharp shortage of food in the town of Zakayia in the western Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus.

Local sources told ARA News that the current crisis of food shortage in Zakayia was caused by the siege imposed by pro-Assad military forces on the town.

“For more than five months, pro-Assad army forces didn’t allow the entrance of any food supplies to the town,” said Salem Ramadan, Syrian civil activist based in Damascus.

Hundreds of displaced families from other nearby areas are currently housed in Zakayia town, taking shelter in schools and other public institutional buildings which deepened the crisis there.

“People are starving, an urgent shipment of food items is required,” Ramadan told ARA News.


Reporting by: Ghalia Shahin

Source: ARA News


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