Syrian air force launch offensive against opposition-held Idlib


Civilians in Syrian opposition-held areas are victims of aerial offensive. File photo

ARA News

Idlib, Syria – The Syrian pro-regime air force targeted on Saturday areas in Idlib Province, northeast of Syria. Seven civilians were killed and several others injured in al-Najiya town in the countryside of Idlib due to the aerial bombardment by the pro-Assad air force.

Speaking to ARA News in Idlib, local media activist Mohammed Salloum said that the pro-Assad military helicopters targeted the town with explosive barrels, dropped on crowded residential neighbourhood, “killing seven civilians from one family, including four children, and wounding eight others”.

“The injured, who were seriously affected, were transferred to a nearby field hospital in the area,” Salloum reported.

Meanwhile, the town of Kafr Shilaya in Idlib countryside was exposed to artillery shelling by pro-Assad military forces from their headquarters in the nearby city of Ariha. At least one civilians was killed and two others injured.

Local sources in Janudiyah village in Idlib province reported that the Syrian regime’s army broke into the village and launched a campaign of arbitrary arrests among villagers, claiming their links to the rebel forces of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

These developments coincided with the bombardment of al-Sahn area near Jisr al-Shughour in northern Syria. The Syrian air force dropped two explosive barrels on the area without recording any casualties, activists reported on Saturday.


Reporting by: Ghassan al-Halabi

Source: ARA News

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