Syria war turns a river into source of death


Efrin River. File photo

ARA News

Efrin, Syria – Crossing the eastern countryside of the Kurdish-populated city of Efrin in northwestern Syria, the river of Efrin used to attract thousands of the city’s residents to spend picnics in spring of every year.

However, the ongoing war in Syria has apparently overshadowed the service sector in Efrin area leading to a miserable scene at the banks of the river where hills of trash could be seen, affecting the river and turning it into a source of deceases.

The olive-rich area of Efrin is no more the same as the pre-2011 uprising. At Efrin river, the smell of olive presses’ wastes turned the place into a seemingly long-deserted area. The poisonous substance of Perin killed most of the animals and fish in the river.

Moreover, the river pollution led to the outbreak of some bacterial diseases such as Cholera, Leishmania and hepatitis in the war-torn area.

Some residents of Efrin expressed to ARA News their outrage about the current situation, complaining about accumulated rubbish on the riverbanks where “no authority is responsible of taking care of it anymore”.

People of Efrin held accountable the environment protection committees, recently established by the Kurdish Supreme Council (KSC).

According to locals, Efrin River used to be a living source for fishmen and farmers, who were recently obliged to leave the area and resort to neighbouring countries to start a new life with less hope of returning home due to the disastrous situation in the area.

Noteworthy, the name of the city of Efrin is taken from the Kurdish word “Avrin” which means “soil deposited under river water”.


Reporting by: Jinda Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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