Syria Kurds provide Iraqi Yezidis with humanitarian aid


Displaced Yezidi families in Syrian Kurdish area of Derik. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – Syrian Kurdish charities and relief organizations started to provide humanitarian assistance to the Kurdish Yezidi refugees who crossed the borders into Syria escaping Shingal areas after ilitants of the Islamic State (IS) impopsed their control there earlier this month.

Hundreds of Iraqi Yazidi entered Kurdish-populated areas in northeastern Syria, including Derik (Malikiya), Girke Lege (Maabadeh), and Tirbespi (Qahtaniyah).

Local sources told ARA News that the majority of the refugees have returned yesterday to the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq through Semalka border crossing.

“Other refugees remained in the Auto-Administration linked camp of Newroz in the countryside of the city of Derik, and in the towns of Girke Lege and Tibespi,” local sources reported. “The Girke Lege Charity Association continues providing charitable assistance and food aid to the Yezidi refugees.”

Hani Nabi, member of the relief office in the Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK), stated to ARA News that sufficient humanitarian aid was provided to the displaced people of Shingal in the village of Tel Khatun of Tirbespi city, northeast of Syria.

Nabi emphasized that the TCK is ready to provide all kinds of help to the displaced Yezidis in accordance with the movement’s capacity until they return to their areas “after being liberated from militants of the IS extremists”.


Reporting by: Dilshad Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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