Peshmerga army struggles to regain Yezidi area in northern Iraq


IS militants mocking a picture of Kurdistan's Barzani family in Shingal after controlling the area.

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – After dominating several areas north of Iraq, al-Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State (IS) released on Tuesday some images of dead bodies of the Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers and Yezidi civilians who were killed in Shingal, Zamar and Rabia.

After days of intensive fighting against Kurdistan Region’s forces of the Peshmerga, IS militants captured Rabia, Zamar and Shingal in northern Iraq.

IS-linked media activists published the photos online, describing the victims as “apostates”.

Flag of the Islamic State raised above the painted Kurdish flag on a building in Shingal

However, the Kurdish Peshmerga forces attacked IS strongholds in Shingal in an attempt to regain the region. Local sources told ARA News that the Peshmerga entered on Wednesday morning several districts in Shingal “but withdrew to avoid bloodshed among civilians”.

Speaking to ARA News, Kurdish Yezidi researcher Salim Reshidani said: “Shingal area has been semi-liberated from IS where Peshmerga forces were able to reach the central market.”

According to Reshidani, Peshmerga army was supported by Syrian Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) during clashes on Wednesday.

Reshidani talked about the deteriorating situations of the people of Shingal who fled to Sinjar Mountain and stuck there with no basic needs.

“We appeal to the international organizations to interfere and deliver assistance to those people,” Reshidani said.

Iraqi Sunni Arabs welcoming IS militants

The images released by IS also showed Arab residence in Shingal welcoming the Islamic State militants.

In a relevant context, the Iraqi President Fouad Masoum demanded the International Red Cross “to do its best in helping the displaced, especially in the regions of Shingal and its mountain as well as other Iraqi areas”.

The Iraqi President’s statement came on Wednesday during a meeting with Patrick Yusuf, head of ICRC commission In Iraq, in the Peace Palace of Baghdad.


Reporting by: Ali Isso

Source: ARA News

Note: ARA News did not publish the above mentioned images for viewers considerations. 

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