IS militants kill 700 members of a Syrian clan in Deir ez-Zor


Members of Sheitaat clan captured by IS militants in Syria's Deir ez-Zor on Saturday. Photo: Activists

ARA News

Deir ez-Zor, Syria – More than 700 members of al-Sheitaat Arab clan  in eastern Syria were reportedly killed in the last two weeks by militants of the Islamic State (IS).

The Islamic State (IS), an offshoot of Al-Qaeda, continued committing atrocities Saturday against the people of the Deir ez-Zor countryside, especially targeting members of al-Sheitaat Arab clan, who were accused of apostasy by the IS group after resisting the IS led Caliphate in the region. After IS militants were expelled from the (al-Sheitaat clan) towns and villages, IS  later returned and took control of these areas evacuating inhabitants as well as slaughtering hundreds of men, local activists told ARA News.

“They paid the price of resisting IS extremists for months,” said Aliyas Mubayyed, media activist based in Deir ez-Zor city.

Speaking to ARA News in Deir ez-Zor, activist Muthanna Mohaimeed said that IS gunmen committed a massacre on Friday against members of al-Sheitaat clan who had fled to the town of al-Shaafa in Albu Kamal city on the border with Iraq, where IS militants beheaded dozens of them, leaving their bodies dumped on the land.

“On charges of apostasy and fighting against the Islamic State, more than 700 members of the clan have been killed, many of them were beheaded, while their women were taken as captives by IS militants,” Mohaimeed reported. “Deir ez-Zor province has never seen such a brutal massacre.”

According to local sources, residents of Hamman and Abu Kishiya villages of Deir ez-Zor declared allegiance to IS Caliphate on Saturday “under pressure”.

“Everyone who refuses to recognize Baghdadi-led Caliphate in Deir ez-Zor will be killed, similar to what happened with al-Sheitaat clan,” said Mohaimeed.


Reporting by: Adam Saleh

Source: ARA News

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