‘May music minimize indignation’: Syrian musicians hold concert in Turkey


ARA News

Urfa, Turkey “For love, peace and coexistence among the different societal components”, Syrian singer Qaysar Abo Zir and Oud player Mohammed Ismael held a concert in in the Turkish southern city of Urfa on Thursday. The concert is one of the events held by the different Syrian civic and cultural institutions in Turkey.

A number of art-interested and literate Syrians attended the concert, where Syrian folk songs were performed. 

Speaking to ARA News, Syrian singer and musician Qaysar Abo Zir said: “Due to the Syrian crisis, we are afraid to lose our beautiful folklore among the other things that have been stolen from us.”

“Among the concert’s other purposes is the social communication between Syrians themselves as we need more peaceful interaction to reach a shore of safety,” he said.

Abo Zir pointed out the importance of such events on the Turkish people too, mentioning his street-concert experience, with six players, in Antakya city -southwest of Turkey- to introduce the Syrian folklore to the Turks.

“We are trying to reduce some of the current indignation in Turkey towards Syrians,” Abo Zir explained. 

Talking about Antakya experience, Abo Zir said: “We sang some Syrian folklore songs in Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian and Turkmani as well as some Turkish folklore songs.”

“We wanted to tell the Turkish people that we have many things in common, and we could see their interest and receptivity,” he told ARA News.

According to Abo Zir, such activities show the Turkish society the “closeness of the Syrian and Turkish cultures and folks, beside the mutual taste of art”. 

Qaysar Abo Zir, 28, was born in the Syrian city of Raqqa. As a singer and musician, he plays violin and lute and participated in many festivals in Turkey including the first Syrian Children Orchestra’s concert in Antakya, which was held at Bahr organization base in collaboration with the music band of Aryos, and another musical activity at al-Salam school in Rehanli, southwest of Turkey.


Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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