Dozens of IS militants killed during clashes with Syrian Kurdish forces


Kurdish forces of the YPG. File photo

ARA News

Al-Hasakah, Syria – The Media Center of the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) released a statement on Thursday saying that fighters of the YPG (military arm of the Democratic Union Party ‘PYD’) were able to regain control of Mughirat village in the southern countryside of al-Hasakah in northeastern Syria, after clashes with militants of the al-Qaeda offshoot, the Islamic State (IS).

“The clashes, which began with the mercenary groups’ attacks on Jazaa area near the Syrian-Iraqi border on August 19, continued for the fourth consecutive day,” the YPG Media Center said.

The statement pointed out that the mercenary groups (in reference to IS militants and allied tribal gunmen) launched an attack on Jazaa area and its surroundings, after receiving military reinforcement and heavy weapons from different regions of Syria and Iraq.

The YPG Media Center emphasized that the IS did not make any progress so far, while its militants executed a number of Arab citizens, amid a broad attack on Rabiaa area on the Iraqi side of the border with Syria.

The statement reported that 50 militants of the Islamic State were killed during the clashes on Thursday with the YPG forces who were able to destroy a tank and four other military vehicles.

“One YPG fighter was martyred and six others wounded in the clashes,” the statement added.

Speaking to ARA News, Jiwan Mohammed, the spokesperson of the PYD-linked Auto-Administration in northern Syria, said that IS militants launched a major offensive on Jazaa village and its surroundings, but the YPG fighters were able to repel the attack during the past four days.

Unlike the information reported by the YPG Media Center, Mohammed confirmed the death of 15 fighters of the YPG forces and more than 100 militants of the Islamic State groups during those clashes.

Mohammed pointed out that the YPG fighters fortified this region, including Jazaa surroundings in anticipation of an expected attack by IS militants, especially after the defeats the IS group was exposed to in Iraq in the areas of Shingal and Mount Sinjar.

Noteworthy, the region is witnessing continuing clashes between the YPG on the one hand, and militants of the Islamic State on the other hand.  Many casualties were reported from both sides.


Reporting by: Jiwan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

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