Rifts break out between Syria rebel factions


Fighters of al-Akrad Front. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – The General Command of al-Akrad Front brigade (works under the banner of the Free Syrian Army ‘FSA’) issued a statement on Monday, condemning “sedition” and calling for “unity among Syria rebels in the face of the dangers which surround the Syrian people”.

The statement referred to the pro-regime forces’ recent advance in Aleppo and al-Qaeda offshoot group of the Islamic State’s (previously known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ‘ISIL’) expansion in Syria, as well as accusing Abdul Aziz Salama, the general commander of al-Tawheed Brigade, of attempts to weaken coordination among Syria rebel groups.

“He (Salama) was trying to stir up sedition against al-Akrad Front brigade (mainly staffed by Syrian Kurdish fighters) and other military groups which work under the banner of the Operations’ Chamber for Free Syria against al-Assad regime,” the statement added.

Al-Akrad leadership also pointed out that Salama, al-Tawheed Brigade’s general commander, invited some military leaders to a meeting in Turkey for the purpose of creating sedition within circumstances described by the statement as “very sensitive”, adding that the majority of the invited military leaders “did not respond to Salama’s invitation”.

“Salama works to justify his losses in Syria’s north through creating conflicts between both al-Akrad Front and al-Nusra Front, pitting factions against the Operations’ Chamber for Free Syria and al-Akrad Front,” the statement read.

Al-Akrad Front’s statement emphasized that there is a scheme hitched by al-Tawheed Brigade’s leadership to increase attacks on the northern countryside of Aleppo through pledging allegiance in the coming days to the Islamic State (ISIL).

“Hence, attacks (of al-Tawheed fighters) will be intensified on the cities of Azaz, al-Bab and other areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo, providing all kinds of support to ISIL militants,” al-Akrad General Command said.

“We call upon the honorable revolutionary forces in this holy month (Ramadan) to close ranks against the enemy which lurks all of us, seizing the opportunities and advancing day by day,” the General Command of al-Akrad Front stated.

Al-Akrad Front’s leadership also pointed out that it has released several statements in which they urged the revolutionary military forces to avoid following any party, and is ready to repel any possible attacks on the controlled areas.

The leadership statement concluded by saying: “Al-Akrad Front-held barriers, headquarters, and areas are well-known. All those who want to open side fronts will face strong resistance.”


Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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