Migration rates among Syrians increase


Many Syrians cross borders into Turkey fleeing deteriorating living conditions, while some others succeed in reaching Europe through smugglers. File photo

ARA News

Qamishlo, Syria – With the start of Ramadan in Syria on Sunday, the residents of Qamishli city talk about their sufferings due to the Syrian crisis and the siege imposed on all goods as well as the constant water and power cut.

Activist Jihad Qamishloki told ARA News: “Immigration is the best and sole choice to escape the current hard living conditions; still it is difficult due to border crossings’ closure whether from Turkey, Iraq or even from Iraqi Kurdistan as well as the high expenses of illegal crossing.”

“Immigration from Syria will continue by all means possible as migrants want to financially support their families. Some resorted to Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan, while others try to reach any European country,” he said.

ARA News talked to A. Jamal, one of the smugglers who helps young Syrians to reach Europe. Jamal said: “We are not guilty of what is happening; this is simply our occupation from which we make living.”

Nijirvan, a young man from Qamishli who recently reached Germany, stated ARA News: “I faced many hardships and travelled for one year until I arrived in Germany.”

Shirwan Khalid is another Syrian immigrant who arrived in a European country after several failure attempts. “I have tried many times but failed and paid a lot of money. Most smugglers cheat people asking for more money.”

Qamishli (in Kurdish Qamisho), a Kurdish-majority city on the Syrian-Turkish border, encounters young men migration under the deteriorating livelihood situations.


Reporting by: Rodi Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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