Literature Festival reinvigorate Syrian refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan


Hundreds of Syrian refugees attending activities of the Kurdish Literature Festival in Domiz Camp in Duhok province, Iraqi Kurdistan. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan – A Kurdish literature festival was held on Tuesday in Domiz camp for Syrian refugees in Duhok province of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Hundreds of refugees and organizations working in the camp attended the festival, held by the Iraqi Kurdistan’s Ministry of Culture.

Administer of Simil sub district, Mazen Saeed, and Domiz manager, Lilyan Ahmad, opened the festival at Efrin School in the camp.

Saeed emphasized the importance of Kurdish literature and the attempts of “Kurdistan’s squatters” to bury it along with the Kurdish folklore.

The festival opening also included poetry and folklore songs and dances.

“The festival included various topics and activities such as poetry, plays and conferences. Many folklore bands participated such as Azadi, Rojava and the artistic band of Duhok province as well as a number of Syrian Kurdish artists who live in the camp,” journalist Jamil Osi, who was among the organizers, told ARA News.

The 12-day festival “represents a source of joy for the refugees in the camp,” said Sabri Ahmad, a Syrian refugee in Domiz Camp who participates in the festival’s activities.

Sabri told ARA News: “It is an occasion where Syrian Kurdistan’s artists and poets meet the refugees and create together a literary atmosphere. it was held in an open place so that everyone can show up.”

The festival also included a graduation ceremony of some students of the Kurdish language.

Domiz is one of the biggest camps for Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan sheltering 150 thousand refugees.


Source: ARA News

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