Kurdish fighters defeat ISIL in Syria’s Kobane


Kurdish forces of the YPG in Efrin, northwest of Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – Clashes renewed on Friday between the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) –backed by al-Akrad Front brigade– and al-Qaeda offshoot group of the Islamic State (Known previously as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ‘ISIL’) in the western countryside of the Kurdish city of Kobane, north of Syria.

Mahmoud Badirkhan, General Commander in the YPG forces, confirmed that the ISIL militants’ death toll since the first day of Ramadan month reached 85, mostly of Arab and foreign nationalities.

In a phone call with ARA News, Ahmed Hisso, spokesman of al-Akrad Front brigade (Kurdish brigade affiliated with the FSA), said: “The battle fronts in the region included Serrin, al-Shuyoukh, Zor Maghar, Kharab Atto, and Jeb al-Faraj villages,” pointing out that about 35 ISIL militants were killed during the clashes last night.

“Three ISIL-held headquarters were destroyed, while more than 35 ISIL militants were killed in the past 12 hours during clashes with our forces (al-Akrad Front and the YPG),” Hisso said.

“The approximate number of ISIL death toll during the past two days reached 80, while 18 others were imprisoned, including leading militants of ISIL, in addition to dozens of wounded,” Hisso told ARA News, pointing out that the clashes erupted on Thursday evening.

Observers described the recent clashes between the Kurdish forces and the Islamic State’s militants as “the most violent” since months.

According to Hisso, the Islamic State group used heavy weapons, tanks and cannons 57 during the clashes.

The spokesman of al-Akrad Front also pointed out that reinforcements were sent to their Brigade in the clashes areas, stressing that “the Kurdish forces are on the outskirts of Jarablos city (7 km from the battlefront)”.

The recent clashes between Kurds and the Islamic State’s militants coincided with a state of alert among civilians in Kobane city.

Mahmoud Badirkhan, General Commander of the YPG forces, pointed out in an official statement that the YPG fighters were able to destroy two ISIL-led tanks and detonate a car bomb which was prepared by ISIL group heading to the YPG-held Zor Maghar village, west of Kobane.

“Our YPG forces did not retreat a step back, but they’re in continuous progress,” Badirkhan said.

On the other hand, 17 YPG fighters were reportedly killed in an ambush set by militants of al-Qaeda offshoot group of the Islamic State at the outskirts of Zor Maghar village, including seven female fighters, local activists from the city of Kobane told ARA News.


Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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