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Bashar al-Assad heading to People's Palace in Damascus

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Damascus, Syria – Syrian president Bashar al-Assad swore his third oath on Wednesday in the People’s Palace, after a month of the electoral results’ announcement. Assad speech, following his oath, included many points confirming “the victory of people’s will” in those elections.

“Three years and four months when others say, on your behalf, ‘people demand’. Yes, people wanted, people decided, and people implemented,” Assad said, pointing out that the election process was not “a normal political procedure like other countries”, but rather “a real battle in all its aspects” where “all other battles were used to win this one”.

Assad congratulated his people for “challenging rivals and proving the latters’ ignorance” claiming that “study centers will spend years of research for answers to what happened and to their misestimating and mistakes, but they will never find answers as they relied on enemies”. The Syrian President considered Syrians’ votes in the presidential elections as “bullets targeting terrorists and settling in balloting boxes to prove that empires of policy, oil and media worth nothing comparing to an honest national attitude”.

Commenting on Assad’s oath and speech, ARA News interviewed a number of politicians and activists representing different opposition factions.

Abdulbasit Sieda, former leader of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) and current member of its political assembly, said: “In his fake speech, al-Assad talks about morals, civilization and honour, while he completely lost all these values once he took off the nails of the children of Daraa (Syrian southern city where the uprising started in 2011) and killed the icon child Hamza al-Khatib.”

Speaking to ARA News, Syrian-army dissented Colonel Ibrahim al-Hamad mentioned the unusual procedure of performing the third constitutional oath in the People’s Palace not in the Parliament.

Al-Hamad pointed out the state of “panic and non-trust” al-Assad lives that “he did not respect the constitutional traditions of the Syrian Arab Republic”.

“Assad is being unrealistic. He pretends of not realizing the truth; opposition fighters are 4km away from his palace. He is in gunshot,” al-Hamad added.

The Colonel also accused al-Assad of manipulating his people by claiming “fighting terrorism” and “liberating Raqqa province -northeast of Syria- from terrorists” as well as “bringing security back to Aleppo province -north of Syria”.

“Assad forgets that 70% of the Syrian land is out of his control and that 18 million Syrians today pay the dues of his stupid policy which destroyed the country and dislodged the people,” al-Hamad told ARA News.

Political writer Jalal Malla Ali commented on the similar issue saying: “There were unprecedented intensive security measures during the oath, amid the fall of tens of bombs upon major neighbourhoods of the capital Damascus.”

Ali highlighted that al-Assad’s speech conveyed local, regional and international messages to the world; “he wanted to show up as the victorious in his war against terrorism and international conspiracy.”

“Assad will go on with his destructive policy exploiting his army’s progress in some regions where opposition forces withdraw and Islamic emirates emerge,” Ali stated to ARA News.

Ali also mentioned al-Assad’s refocus on “national reconciliation” to garner “local-tribal allegiances” to support the regime and give “popular and constitutional legitimacy to his rule”.

In the same context, activist Amer Gabari talked to ARA News highlighting “the powerful and threatening tone of al-Assad’s speech”.

“Bashar al-Assad did not mention Kurds like previous times; rather he talked about the Lebanese resistance or the Shia militants,” Gabari said.

Mentioning the provinces of Raqqa and Aleppo more than once during the speech, Gabari thinks that they “will be the first regions were al-Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State will vanish in fake battles with the regime’s army”.

According to Gabari, the Assad regime is highly aware of the current situation in the Kurdish areas in northern Syria.

“After handing over several Kurdish areas to the Democratic Union Party (PYD), this party seems more organized in managing these area today. However, the PYD and its Auto-Administration and forces will be removed from the Syrian scene as soon as Assad regains power in other areas in Syria,” Gabari argued.

He also quoted Assad saying “those who left Syria will not return”. “This is a clear message to all the refugees and people in exile that as long as he is in power those will never regain civil rights in Syria.”


Source: ARA News

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