Power outage.. Syrian cities suffer darkness


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Qamishli, Syria – Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, frequent power outage occurred in most of the areas across the country, while in some others power did not last for more than four hours a day.

The city of Qamishli, northeast of Syria, was not an exception concerning the deteriorating conditions, where the city’s residents could barely enjoy three hours of electricity a day, and sometimes they endure blackouts for weeks.

People of Qamishli, who are suffering constant outages, tried to think of alternative solutions at the beginning, including the use of car batteries as well as using personal generators, to end up with complete reliance on large generators that feed mostly the whole neighbourhoods in the city.

Generators and fuel trade flourished as a result of the great demand, especially when the rich buy some large generators and distribute electricity to homes with relatively expensive monthly subscription.

Mohammed Khaled, one of the residents of al-Hilaliya neighbourhood in Qamishli city, stated to ARA News that power cut has greatly affected people’s lives, especially children.

“The small personal generators are quite costly, especially with the increasing price of fuel, and the monthly subscription for electricity by large generators’ owners is no less expensive. So, we live a disastrous situation at the moment,” Khaled said.

Talking to ARA News, Abdul Hakim, a shopkeeper based in Qamishli, commented on the same issue saying: “My work has become worse lately due to the constant power cut, and it is really difficult to bear the high cost of buying or even running generators.”

Roland Ibrahim, a resident of Qamishli, stated to ARA News that despite the people’s appeal to the municipality of the Self-Administration (led by the Democratic Union Party PYD) to find a solution through providing big generators to the neighbourhoods, “the administration seems reluctant to find a way out of this crisis”.

The predominantly Kurdish city of Qamishli, located on the Syrian-Turkish border, was exposed to multiple crises over the recen months, including electricity cut. People are reportedly passing hardships of deteriorating living conditions, high prices and the communication network cut.


Reporting by: Rodi Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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