Barzani calls on retired Kurdish soldiers to rejoin Peshmerga


President Barzani (center) with a number of Peshmerga forces. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – Urfa, Turkey – In his brief statement to the retired Peshmerga members and his people, President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Messoud Barzani, said on Wednesday “Due to the unusual current circumstances in Kurdistan and Iraq in general, you have to support Peshmerga and Kurdistani security forces to protect people’s properties and lives”.

“Peshmerga retired heroes should return to their former bases and the Peshmerga ministry should prepare proper plans to make use of their capacities to defend Iraqi Kurdistan,” said President Barzani. “The upcoming phase will be bright where all our hopes are fulfilled.”

Speaking to ARA News, Selah Badruddin, prominent Kurdish writer and politician, said: “Barzani’s statement reflects his historical responsibility of the Region’s safety and his commitment to his constitutional duties, political programme and oath speech.”

“Barzani met all Kurdistani political parties where they deliberated the current situations and agreed on the security and military measures as well as livelihood precautions under these unusual conditions,” Badruddin said.

“Iraqi Kurdistan established a central operations chamber to fill the vacuum in some civil areas and military zones in each of Iraqi Kurdistan, Mosul, Kerkuk, Selah al-Dein and Diyala, following the Iraqi Army’s withdrawal,” Badruddin told ARA News. “Diplomacy wise, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) sent senior delegation to Tehran then to Ankara and contacted the Jordanian Government, European and American actors and the United Nations.”

Shellal Keddo, Secretary General of the Kurdish Democratic Leftist Party in Syria, told ARA News: “The dramatic and dangerous situations taking place in Iraq entail general mobilization in Iraqi Kurdistan, at all levels, to face the unexpected situations.”

“The regular Iraqi forces were defeated by some hundreds of militants which led to the fall of Iraqi cities, one after another. Consequently, it is normal for President Barzani to ask his people to support Peshmerga which protected all Kurdistan’s segmented parts, including Kerkuk, since the first day,” Keddo said. “The forthcoming stage is vague, so asking backup troops to be under service is timely.”

Faysal Yusuf, leader of Reform Movement, commented on the issue saying: “Barzani’s statement denotes his commitment to protect the Kurdistan Region’s land and people. The purpose of asking Peshmerga to be ready is defending the Region not flinging them into war fields.”

Yusuf mentioned to ARA News that Barzani’s call “asserts Kurdistan’s inviolable sovereignty”.

The Kurdish forces of Peshmerga fight militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) who recently took over several Iraqi cities and tried to control some Kurdish areas in Iraqi Kurdistan.


Reporting by: Azad Jamkari and Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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